I am a Romance Philology and Medieval Culture PhD (Università di Bologna) and since 1998 I teach at Università di Cassino in Italy, where I run my research programs on manuscript traditions of medieval romance literatures. My current project focuses on variable narrative encoding of action-related knowledge joint with perceptual events and connected interoceptive responses as emotions, feelings, thoughts through the textual tradition of novels, especially medieval French and early modern Italian and Spanish ones.

A general sketch of the «The Ecology of the Novel» appeared on «Cognitive Philology» 1 (2008), and is actually available for downloading here. This weblog is the work journal documenting the development of my research plan I already discussed here and there around the planet:

«Textual Perception and Narrative Action», workshop on «Theory of the Novel for the 21th century» («Description/Narrative» panel), Stanford University’s Center for the Study of the Novel, April 20-21 2007;

«Embodiment of Stories in Hybrid Environments: Narrative Art in the Age of Social Networking and Locative Media», KERG, Tallinna Ülikool, November 19 2007.

«Ecology of the Novel and Philology of Clues», workshop on «La lettura della mente: la letteratura fra neuroestetica e pensiero ecologico», Università di Verona (Dipartmento di Germanistica e Slavistica) – Biblioteca Civica,  23 novembre 2007.

«Narrative Encoding of Activity Patterns in New Media», workshop on «e-learning is here: where are you?», Estonian Information Technology College conference centre, april 3 2008, Tallinn, Estonia.

«La Ecología de la novela», Curso de Posgrado, Universidad National de Cordoba (Argentina), Facultad de Filosofia y Umanidades, 1-4 setiembre 2008.

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  2. interessantissimo blog 🙂

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